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Soulblight Gravelords Warscroll Review: Grave Guard

In this video TheJTJ reviews the Warscroll for Grave Guard. I cover their abilities and discuss some tactics for each.


  • Cost
    • 140
  • Notes:
    • Deathrattle
    • Summonable
    • Battleline with WK general
    • Shield: 11
    • GW: 22
  • Average wound output:
    • Shield: 8
    • GW: 11
  • Thoughts:
    • In a vacuum the GW is the way to go.




  • The Good
    • 10 Bravery
    • 6” charge
    • MW on Wound rolls!!
    • Good price
    • 6 ward with RR 1
    • Great synergy in the book
  • The Bad
    • Slow, bad armor, Glass cannonish,
    • High armor target counters them
  • Thoughts
    • Points for points one of the best units in the book.
    • Can be battleline if you want elite force.
    • Summonable, focus the healing on them instead of other units.
    • Even 10 do work. When they come back they are a real threat.
    • Blocks of 10, 20, or 30 are all viable. I think 20 is the sweet spot.
    • Soooo many ways to buff them in the book. However do just fine unbuffed.
    • GW win out in my opinion, But Shields do have a place.
    • Screen them with zombies.
    • Having them come out of the grave and work without buffs is an option.
  • Unit Rating
    • A+
    • Almost any list could benefit from a unit or 2
    • GW are in most ways better than Shields


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