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Soulblight Gravelords Warscroll Review: Corpse Cart

In this video TheJTJ reviews the Warscroll for the Corpse Cart, Both versions. I cover their abilities and discuss some tactics for each.




Corpse Cart

  • Cost
    • 80
  • Notes:
    • Deadwalkers
  • Max wound output:
    • 14 or 15
  • Average wound output:
    • 2
  • Thoughts:
    • Does not want to be in combat anyway.
  • The Good
    • Each vairation has a use.
  • The Bad
    • Low save, low wounds, bad attacks.
    • It is slow and will not keep up with Much. Even the Zombies it is supposed to support will out pace it in many instances.
  • Bloodlines Buffs
    • The Bait +1 save for first round
    • Strength of the pack is the wolf +1 wound
    • Spoor tracker 3” move

Corpse Cart Unholy Lodestone


  • Thoughts
    • +1 cast is great in a magic heavy list.
    • +1 save looks great on paper, but I feel that just a 6+ is not that great, especially when there is so much rend 1. You also can give this out for a CP. Also 12” is not bad, but not great.
    • It needs the hero keyword or at least the ability to cast or even just dispel a spell. It feels like the inferior version.
  • Unit rating: C,  Points spent better in other places.


Corpse Cart Balefire Brazier

  • Thoughts
    • -1 to cast in 18” is a solid ability if you can get the CC to middle of the board.
    • 1 to wound is very very good in 3rd Range is a bit short, but great way to keep your Zombies alive. Or any other things you don’t want dead.
    • Not auto include even in a zombie heavy list, but -1 to wound is very good. You could even look to use one to support Grave Guard.
    • The biggest issue it that it is slow and needs to be protected.
    • In the right built Running 2 is not out of the question.
  • Unit rating: B+, the negative to wound modifier is short range but can severely hamper some armies.


Thanks for watching, Y’all be good.

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