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Atomic Hobby Star Wars Legion Escalation League: Final Results

This is a breakdown and recap of the Atomic Hobby Star Wars Legion Escalation League.

Presented by Andrew F.


The Atomic Star Wars Legion league has wrapped up season 3 and here are the results!


  1. Guillermo Gonzales Empire 32
  2. Kyle Corcoran Separatist 31
  3. Peyton Sadler Republic 30
  4. Ken Widrick Empire 29
  5. Travis Trimm Republic 28
  6. Kyle Evans Empire 26
  7. Adam Ray Rebels 24
  8. Sean Chavira Republic 22
  9. George Simo Empire 20
  10. Nam Nguyen Empire 19
  11. Richard Morales Separatist 18
  12. Blake Wilson Empire 13

The Final Armies

Star wars legion army painted
Ken’s Imperial Swarm


Star wars legion army painted
Kyle Evans’ Empire


Star wars legion army painted
Travis’ Clone Army


Star wars legion army painted
Kyle Corcoran’s Triple Droideka
Star wars legion army painted
Adam’s Elite Rebels



Star wars legion army painted
Peyton’s Snow Clones



Star wars legion army painted
Guillermo’s Imperial Might



Star wars legion army painted
Nam’s Empire



Star wars legion army painted
George’s 3-3-3


Player Comments


Guillermo Gonzales

Congratulations on First place in the league! Could you share your thoughts on the league as well as list building?

“First off I want to thank Andrew for hosting the tournament it was a lot of fun and a great exposure for myself as a new player. I was introduced to it by my good friend Travis Trimm and have always wanted to play empire so I was instantly hooked! The list I came up with came off the fact that I truly saw the empire as this oppressive and tyrannical force that strikes fear into the enemy which made me want to look at building the lists around suppression. I saw many lists online and developed my own around this idea of not letting the enemy have free reign of the board while having effective activation control with Director Krennic. With that being said a lot of instances came down to pure luck as if the dice are not with the you then your strategy will ultimately fail. My most memorable moment came from playing Atomic game’s manager Kyle Evans in the 2nd to last game of the tournament, the man who helped me create this list (whether he realized it or not) was a powerhouse who had complete control of the board for the majority of the game, but thankfully the dice were with me and Director Krennic had activation control with his Death troopers and Shoretroopers to help liberate the hostage from his clutches.”


Kyle Corcoran

Congratulations on second, not bad at all! Could you share your thoughts on list building for Legion in the league?

“Lol well my entire thought process was “me want suppression” and then I did that. Triple droideka for 6 total suppression a turn, lok durd tank for 4 a turn when he taps, the orbital strike card for another 2, 1 each from the tactical commander, double b2s and double b1s for a total of 17 potential suppression in a turn. Full memes that actually have a good amount of play depending on the plan just because of the amount of wounds you have to get through. The commander and b1s all had comms relays to pass the many easily accessed separatist orders to either the droidekas with their linked targeting or the tank just to keep him out of the order pool and I can use him when I need him. The b1s also had one repair droid for obvious reasons and a viper recon droid to potentially put out some observation tokens but really I don’t care what the b1s do or if they have to ai most of the time. They hide and try to get to an obj late game after passing orders around early. And then the b2s are both b2-ha and hq uplink and an extra b2 body so that I don’t have to care if they get orders either. It’s less efficient both game and points wise than the tactical unit leader option but I only got one of those boxes. But 2 b2s is pretty much where I start every list because they’re such a good anchor for any list type you want.”


Peyton Sadler

Great job in the league! Could you share some comments about your experience and thought process on list building?

“The overall experience with the league was great! The Legion community in the area is fantastic, and headed by a great organizer in Andrew. He put together a great league and made it all operate as smoothly as we could ask for. As far as list building, with the Republic, Rex was always a must include. He has the best command hand in the game in my opinion and is a cheap commander option for points. Other than that, I would build towards a defensive strategy every week and play the objectives that were given to us. I always found the Republic was great when they’re played defensively.”


Ken Widrick

Great job on a strong final score! Could you tell us your thoughts on the league?

“My thoughts of the league are it’s always good to play a game with out knowing what your opponent is going to bring. I mean knowing what type of army they are going to use gives you a small advantage. And you have to know your own army down to the difference in units. And playing the leagues just help you learn your own army, And understanding strategies.”

You scored the most sportsmanship votes out of everyone. Could you share your philosophy on how you approach the game?

“As far as sportsmanship I’ve always told myself and my sons you play a game to enjoy yourself or have fun. Of course I want to win but you cant win everything or every time. So as long as you are playing for fun and enjoyment you will feel good even if you lose. There is nothing wrong with losing, as long as you keep on trying or playing and learning.”


Thanks for reading, Y’all be good.

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