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Soulblight Gravelords Warscroll Review: Coven Throne

In this video TheJTJ reviews the Warscroll for the Coven Throne. I cover their abilities and discuss some tactics for each.




Coven Throne

  • Cost
    • 310
  • Notes:
    • Vampire
    • Malignant
    • Hero
    • Wizard
  • Max wound output:
    • 27
  • Average wound output:
    • 6
  • 4 weapon profiles
  • Not great average damage but good amount of attacks. Nice for low armor units.


  • The Good
    • 14” move at full health
    • Fly
    • Big base for back line buffing.
    • Great spell
    • Great Command Ability
    • The Hunger
  • The Bad
    • 4+ save
    • Enemy Shooting should target first


  • Thoughts
    • With some of the best abilities of any unit in the book. The Coven Throne is a great buffing Hero that can also do a bit of front line fighting.
    • Works nicely in many builds.
    • Shudder can lock an enemy heavy hitter down.
    • Go buy one!



  • Thoughts on Bloodlines
    • Legion of Blood
      • extra D3 run from BS, great for taking on those low bravery chaf units this should be taking on all the time,
      • No negative modifiers on Deathrattle in 12” Plus and extra +1 to save with Tactical insight. 4+ Great weapon GG
      • Buff build: Aristocracy of Blood and Oubliette
      • Tank build: Aura of Dark Majasty and Soubound garments
    • Legion of Night
      • Outtflank with some Blood Knights
      • Buff build: Unbending Will and Morghegs Claw.
      • Tanks build: Terrifying Visage and Shard of Night
      • Use Above Suspicion to deep strike this next to all those Vargheists to make them worth taking.
    • Vyrkos Dynasty
      • Buffed up Grave Guard = +2 to wound, +1 to hit and +1 save
      • Reroll casting, is great to help cast Shudder
      • Build I like: Pack Alpha and Arcane Tome use it to cast Pinons or Mystic Shield on self
    • Kastelai Dynasty
      • Can keep up with your BK
      • Power in the Blood, Swift and Deadly, Rousing Commander are all viable on this unit.
      • Sword of the Red S or Fragment
      • Use it at a mobile BK buffing platform. #one of the best ways to buff BK
    • Avengorii Dynasty
      • I would not make the Coven Throne the general, but It would still work in Avengorii. Tactical insight on a VLOZD or a Terrorgheist is very good.
      • Possibly take Master of Magic to help cast Shudder
      • Not a bad option for second Hero in this Bloodline
  • Unit Rating
    • A+
      • Look for ways to keep it alive or help it cast. One of the best Spells and CA in the game.
      • The only keyword it is missing is Monster.
      • If used right can be game changer.
    • Spell
      • Shudder
        • With good positioning and use you can lock enemy heavy hitters down.
      • A+


Thanks for watching, Y’all be good.

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