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Soulblight Gravelords Warscroll Review: Gorslav, Torgillius, Halgrim

In this video TheJTJ reviews the Warscroll for Gorslav the Gravekeeper, Torgillius the Chamberlain, Watch Captain Halgrim.  I cover their abilities and discuss some tactics for each.




Gorslav The Gravekeeper


  • Cost 75
    • Great cost
  • Max wound output = 9
  • Like
    • Deadwalkers Keyword
    • Shrug to Deadwalkers on 4+.
    • Resurrects a Zombie unit with CP.
    • 7 wounds and passing them off on 4+ will keep him alive for a bit.
    • Arise is a very good command ability, works with zombie and die wolves.
    • This guy loves mutiple units of Dire Wolves
  • Dislike
    • If you are not running Deadwalkers don’t bring.
  • Thoughts
    • I think bringing several small 10 model units of dire wolves and just charging them in early to die is not a bad use. He will bring a unit of 5 back a turn. Killing a 40 Block of Zombies will take a turn or 2 so having options every turn on bringing something in is good.
    • Keep in far in the back if you are running lots of wolves. If he is moving up with the main body, keep him hidden behind a wall of Zombies for his shrug.
    • Everything that affects deadwalkers helps him…Corpse Cart….Bloodline abilities.
  • Grade
    • A



Torgillius the Chamerlain

  • Cost 115
    • 10 points less than necromancer
  • Max wound output = 4
  • Like
    • Extra CP with Radukar the Wolf
    • Grave Sand is not bad, when it works
    • Good spell
  • Dislike
    • Average all around with a few ok tricks
  • Thoughts
    • If you bringing Radukar the wolf, he could be worth bringing for his CP generation. His spell is not bad it does damage and debuffs.
    • I think you could run him without Radukar just for his spell, if you are very focused on spamming -1 to hits.
    • Average all around, but worth a look if you are running Radukar.
  • Grade
    • B+



Watch Captain Halgrim

  • Cost 80
    • Cheap Hero
  • Max wound output = 9+3MW
  • Like
    • Deathrattle Keyword
    • Ok Command ability. But there are several restrictions
    • Good if you are bringing lots of deathrattle
    • Cheap hero if you needed an extra for a Battalion
  • Dislike
    • Nothing jumps out and says auto take.
  • Thoughts
    • From a competitive standpoint, I only bring him if I am running 3+ units of Deathrattle or I need a cheap hero to fill out a battalion.
    • Keep in mind that he is Keyword Deathrattle so all the abilities work on him. Like: favored retainers and The Bait.. Etc.
  • Grade
    • B-

Thanks for watching, Y’all be good.

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