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Soulblight Gravelords Tactics: Vyrkos Dynasty

In this video TheJTJ breaks down the Soulblight Gravelords Battletome. We go over an in depth analysis of the Vyrkos Dynasty. This is part 5 in the full tactical breakdown of the SBGL army.



Cursed Bloodlines Tactics overview

Vyrkos Dynasty


Battle Traits

  • The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf
    • Getting +1 to wound is great for your Deathrattle and Deadwalker!
    • 2+ to wound Grave Guard, is super good!
    • I have tested this out and it is very hard to keep you big units in 9 inches of a Vampire, unless you have a larger base Vampire. Great potential you just have to be careful how you move your units.
    • Would have been better @12” like the rest of the bubbles in the book
  • The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack
    • Just a very good ability all around.
    • Keep in mind only Vampire get to use it – so no Necromancers.
  • Grade
    • A-
  • Tactics
    • You can take a lot of advantage of these rules with bigger based Vampire units. Palanquin, Throne, Radukar, Belladamma.
    • Belladamma has a +1 to cast and can re-roll spells making her very strong caster.

Command Traits

  • Pack Alpha
    • This is a super flexible Trait that can be used on a frontline or back line fighter.
    • Some units with good warscroll command traits, Vampire lord, Coven Throne.
    • It will be interesting to see how Command points are used in 3rd.
    • A+
  • Driven by Deathstench
    • Re-rolling charges within 9” is great, the downside the bubble is a bit small. Take advantage by putting it on a large base model.
    • Works on self!
    • A
  • Kin of the Wolf
    • Another once per game Ability in the book. This one is not so bad as many of the other. However only 5 wolves is not that great either. If this was a unit of 10 I think it would be a very viable option. Have a 9” summon bubble is also very restrictive, would have been nice to see them come on from a table edge or something.
    • As is stands not great or bad, but there are better options.
    • B
  • Hunter’s Snare
    • Love the idea, could have some great tactical use with a VLOZD, also good on a Throne or Palanquin.
    • A-
  • Spoor Trackers
    • Extra movement for Zombies is good, if you are building around this you can see your Deadwalkers.
    • 13” move Dire Wolves
    • Deadwalkers could, Move 3” in Hero phase, 4” normal move + D6 run, then a 6” pile in to attack. This stacks great if you are building around and Deadwalkers.
    • A
  • United by Blood
    • Extra unbind is nice, however I think there are several better options
    • A
  • Tactics
    • These command traits want you to take Deadwalkers. It provided several ways to buff them.
    • On the downside If you are building a combat hero the options are not as good as in other Bloodlines.


Artefacts of Power

  • Ulfenkarnian Phylactery
    • Extends the Deahless Minions bubble to 18”
    • Not bad, better on bigger base sized models.
    • B+
  • Cloak of the Night Prowler
    • Extra pile in movement can be very good on VLOZD to tag multiple units.
    • Also take it on Vampire lords they fly and can possibly jump models.
    • B+
  • Sangsyron
    • Extra D3 attacks on the charge with one weapon. Great on VLORD or Wright King on Steed.
    • Best Combat Hero Artefact
    • A-
  • Vilnas’ Fang
    • Once per Battle…..
    • Need to have 3+ Vampire Heroes on the board to be useful.
    • Would not be that bad if it was every turn. Just one more missed opportunity in this book.
    • C
  • Terminus Clock
    • Once per game…
    • -1 to enemy casting. Nice that it is board wide. But It is not reliable in the least.
    • Avoid
    • F
  • Standard of the Ulfenwatch
    • Once per battle…. Then the enemy has to use a CP, then you have to roll a 5+
    • To random, to many variables. So many ways you they could have made this at least usable
    • F-
  • JTJ
    • The Artefacts for the Bloodline are all over the place, the worst part is that half are one use only. I think you will only see the first 3 taken.
    • The list seems very restrictive and a bit underwhelming.
    • Look to use the Ulfenkarnina on a bigger based unit.
    • Not much else to say, cut and dry.



CT AoP Combinations

  • For frontline fighter like VLOZD I would look at Driven by Deathstench and Sangsyron.
  • For a back line hero like Necro or Palanquin, Pack Alpha and Ulfenkarnian Phylactery would be good option.
  • For a Deadwalker heavy build take Spoor Trackers and Ulfenkarnian Phylactery.

List Ideas

  • JTJ Comments
    • Trying to take advantage legion traits and ability
      • Coven Throne
        • General
        • Spoor Trackers
        • Ulfenkarnian Phylactery
        • Amaranthine Orb
      • Belladmma Volga
        • Pinions
      • Necromancer
        • Extra Artefact—Sangyron, haha
      • Deathstench Drove
        • Corpse Cart
          • Brazier
        • Zombies x40
        • Zombies x40
        • Dire Wolves X10
        • Dire Wolves x10
      • Grave Guard x20
        • Great Blade
      • Deathrattle Skeletons X20
    • Strong overlapping buffs to make the core of Grave Guard and Zombies an offensive threat. Dire wolves to go take and hold points. 20 skeletons to screen or used as fodder.



Thanks for watching, Y’all be good.

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