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Soulblight Gravelords Tactics: Allegiance Abilities

In this video TheJTJ and Chris C, talk about the Soulblight Gravelords Battletome. We go over an in depth analysis of the Allegiance Abilities. This is part 2 in the full tactical breakdown of the SBGL army.



Copy of the slides:


Old Rules:

  • The Unquiet Dead
    4 total grave sites on board
    Need a hero to bring out reserves in 9’’
    Invigorating Aura
    Heal D3 within 9”
  • Deathless Minions
    6++ when Within 6” of hero
    Endless Legions
    Generals Command Ability, bring back Destroyed units , 9” gravesite
  • Locus of Shyish
    On an unmodified 9+ to cast the spell goes off a second time


New Rules:

  • The Unquiet Dead
    4 total grave sites on board
    Set up reserve within 12” and 9” away from enemy, no Hero needed
  • Locus of Shyish
    On an unmodified 9+ to cast the spell goes off a second time.
  • Deathless Minions
    6++ wholly within 12” of hero or gravesite
  • Reanimated Horrors
    – 1 Bravery of enemy within 6”
    -2 Bravery if within 6” of 2 or more units. Deathrattle or Deadwalker
    Death units not affected
  • Endless Legions
    End of battleshock roll a dice, adding number of enemy units destroyed this phase to the roll, on 5+ bring back destroyed unit at half strength. 12” Gravesite, 9” away from enemy
  • Deathly Invocation
    Heroes can add wounds/models back to units wholly within 12”
    Number of units based on chart.
    D3 wounds back
    Cannot use Invocation of Nagash on same unit that turn
    Unit cannot be affect one that once a turn.



  • The Unquiet Dead
    12” set up range up from 9”
    Do not need Hero to activate
    No gravesite healing
  • Locus of Shyish
    No Change
  • Deathless Minions
    Unit has to be Whole within 12” not within 6”
  • Reanimated Horrors
  • Endless Legions
    Not command point driven
    No need for hero
    Need to roll 5+
  • Deathly Invocation
    Now a Allegiance Ability not a Warscroll Ability
    Units Wholly within 12” Heal not within 6”



  • The Unquiet Dead
    You can use the 2 points outside territory to bring up units in opponents backfield. – they have to account for that and deploy with that in mind.
    Deploy the gravesite next to OBJ in you territory – but a little away from the OBJ in enemy territory
    When setting them up decide if you want to be aggressive with them or Defensive. Will opponent alpha strike and lock you down, or will they sit and allow you to move to them?
    Legion of Night works well with Gravesites – you can outflank and have a source of healing on the edge – however it could also been seen as redundant.


  • Locus of Shyish
    Roll is unmodified, so no stacking casting buffs to make this go off.
  • When selecting spells look for ones that help you when they go off 2 times. Some good choices.
    Amaranthine Orb
    Overwhelming Dread
    Fading Vigour
  • Stacking debuffs on units may not work in 3rd edition.
    Spells that do not work with Locus:
    Amethystine Pinions
    Warscroll Spells


  • Deathless Minions
    Another benefit of Gravesite – keep this in mind for placement
    Vyrkos Dynasty Artefact Ulfenkarnian Phylactery – extends this to 18”
    Kastelai – Artefact Grave sand Shard, 1 turn of 5+ instead of 6+ for units wholly within 12”
    This works on the hero model also


  • Reanimated Horrors
    Stacks with- Soul Crushing Contempt LOB Command Trait.
    Spirit Gale
    Nagash – Soul Stealer


  • Endless Legions
    Try to position or screen at least one Gravesite so it can be far enough away to bring back units.
    Consider this for Gravesites in opponents territory as well, having a summonable unit spawn in the opponents back field mid to late game can be huge.


  • Deathly Invocation
    Units have to be wholly within
  • List of summonable units
    Deadwalker Zombies
    Black Knights
    Grave Guard
    Deathrattle Skeletons
    Dire Wolves
    Fell Bats


Chris –

  • If you look at Allegiance Abilities in a vacuum it appears to be a downgrade or nerf. However the wholly within changes were inevitable, but a lot of the wholly within 12” feels like it should be slightly larger, possible wholly within 15”
  • My hot take on Endless Legion is in some circumstances is it can be really strong. Place a Grave Site at the back of an enemy deployment zone or near a back objective. You now also have a threat of a unit popping up there without the need for any of your Heroes or ANY models to get to the gravesite to activate it. Doesn’t “Cost” anything (CP) to bring a unit back. But is less reliable when you really need it.
  • Deathly Invocation – BIG NERF since a unit can only receive it once per turn. So you cannot have multiple heroes bring back models to the same unit in the same turn.



  • Gavesites are better for Reserves but no healing takes the overall staying power of the army down. Now healing is more Hero dependent and Heroes can be sniped.
    Glad locus of shyish stayed the same. I think there can be some power magic builds out there.
  • Reanimated Horrors is a nice buff, but does not work on ¼ of the armies in the game. But nice it freed up the banners on the units to do other things.
    Endless legion is hot garbage compared to the old rule. The only thing that makes it better is the no need for heroes/CP.
  • Deathly invocation is much much worse, no stacking heals. I think if they left the stacking heals in this would have made the book sooo much better. The wholly within restriction was expected.
  • In general looking at the Allegiance Abilities in a vacuum it is a significant downgrade over LON




Thanks for Reading and Watching. Y’all be good.

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