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Color Guide: Stalliarch Lords Morghast Archai

Howdy Y’all in this color guide I show you how I painted my Stalliarch Morghast Archai.

These models came with the Feast of Bones Box Set. They painted up very quickly and they made some very dynamic looking miniatures on the battlefield.

I painted these to slightly above the Battle Ready Standard. However you can use the provided colors to use advanced or simple techniques.


Stalliarch Lords Morghast Archai Stalliarch Lords Morghast Archai Stalliarch Lords Morghast Archai Stalliarch Lords Morghast Archai Stalliarch Lords Morghast Archai



Building tips:

I completely build everything and mounted them on the base. There is plenty of room to reach all the parts while they are built.

However be warned that there are a few very finicky parts. example try to line up both hands and arms game me a bit of difficulty.


Color Guide Purpose:

To give painters a lists of paints that can be used to achieve a specific look on their miniatures.  The actual techniques I use can me modified based on the painters skill and desired effect. The hope is to save hobbyist time by providing examples of paint combinations they can use, eliminating the trial and error of finding the correct colors.

Color Guide:

  1. Prime: Flat White
    1. Bone Body:
      1. Base
        1. Contrast Skeleton Horde
      2. Shade
        1. Agrax Earthshade
      3. Dry
        1. Wraithbone
    2. Bone -Dark Horns-
      1. Same as bone body
      2. Then 3-6 thing Layers: contrast Wyldwood/Lahmian medium 1/3
    3. Armor
      1. Base
        1. Leadbeltcher
      2. Shade
        1. Coelia Greenshade
      3. Dry
        1. Leadbelcher
      4. Edge/HL
        1. Runefange Steel
    4. Glyphs
      1. Base
        1. Runefange Steel
      2. Glyph inner part
        1.  Warpstone
        2. Tesseract Glow
    5. Birds
      1. Base
        1. Vallejo Black
      2. Dry
        1. Stormvermin Fur
      3. HL
        1. Slaanesh Grey
    6. Skulls on Base
      1. Base
        1. White
      2. Shade
        1. Agrax Earth
      3. Dry
        1. White
      4. Flame
        1. Base
          1. Hexwraith Flame
        2. Ends
          1. Lamenters Yellow
    7. Wood
      1. Base
        1. Contrast Wyldwood
      2. Shade
        1. Agrax Earth
    8. Gems
      1. Base
        1. Abaddon Black
      2. Edge
        1. Mechanicus Grey
      3. Edge
        1. Astronomican grey
      4. Coat
        1. Ard coat
    9. Blades
      1. Base
        1. Incubi Darkness
      2. Edge
        1. Kabalite Green
      3. Spot/HL
        1. Sybarite Green
      4. Coat
        1. Ard Coat
    10. Basing
      1. Color undercoat and ring
        1. Waaagh Flesh X2
      2. Layer of Balast
        1. Woodland Scenics Fine Dark Brown
      3. Tufts of Grass
        1. Citadel Middenland Tuffs
      4. Static Grass
        1. Army Painter Field GrassBasing


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Thanks for reading, Y’all be good.

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