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Star Wars Legion Tournament Winning list

These are the tournament results for the local Star Wars Legion Tournament at Atomic Hobby Shop in Cypress Texas…AKA Houston metro.


While this was a smaller turnout than the usual, Star Wars Legion has been growing in popularity in the Houston area. With monthly tournaments at Atomic and The Golden Porg running several times a year.

The tournament results:

No description available.


As you can see the Separatists were well represented at the event.

I asked the TO, Andrew Fornea If he thought the predominance of Separatists is an outlier or the norm for the local meta. He replied, “Separatists are very common locally it feels like. Maul lists with super battledroids and tactical droids. I’ve heard it’s common on tts and such as well.”

star wars legion tournament

The event winner was Kel Pigg, a well known Wargamer on the south side of Houston.

This was his winning list:

790/800 (10 activations)


– T-Series Tactical Droid (55): Aggressive Tactics (15) = 70 Operative:

– Maul (160): Saber Throw (5), Force Push (10), Tenacity (4) = 179


– 3× Battle Droids (36): E-5s Trooper (20) = 168

– 3× Super Battle Droids (45): B2-HA Trooper (30), T-Series Tactical Droid (18) = 279

Special Forces:

– DRK-1 Sith Probe Droids (35): Comms Relay (5) = 40

– BX Droid Strike Team (20): BX-Series Droid Sniper (30), Offensive Push (4) = 54

Commands: • Ambush, • Duel of the Fates, •• Push, •• The Phantom Menace, ••• At Last, •••• Standing Orders Contingencies: ••• Roger, Roger!,


I asked Kel if he could comment on the tournament and his list, this is what he had to say:

I had the opportunity to play at Atomic Hobby Shop this past weekend and I have to take a moment to appreciate the store. It was my first time there but both the atmosphere and staff made me feel right at home. Andrew hosted a wonderful tournament! I brought a somewhat standard Maul/B2s list to the tournament, a list I have only had a few games of practice with, but one that I could immediately see how strong it was. The centerpiece of the list is Maul, one of the strongest characters in the game when it comes to certain objective based missions. The ability to take 3 actions while wounded allows Maul to mess with objectives and maintain action efficiency better than any other character. Behind Maul stood 3 B2 units with a “HAT” loadout, this consists of the HA weapon upgrade and the T series to allow the B2s to act without triggering AI. A key strategy I used with the B2s is to make sure that when Maul hit the enemy line whether it was attacking or taking objectives, I wanted the B2s to be within range 2 on that same turn. This flooded my opponent with problems they HAD to deal with and allowed me to control the pace of my games. Through this tournament I got to see the strength of the Maul/B2 list but I think next tournament I will likely try something a bit more out of the norm.

There you have it. Rush out today and purchase a Maul for your local game shop!

Here are a few pictures of the event:

star wars legion tournament

star wars legion tournament

star wars legion tournament


Thanks for reading, Y’all be good.

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