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Color Guide: Comic Style Hela Marvel Crisis Protocol

In this Color Guide I go over the colors I used to paint a Comic Style Hela for Marvel Crisis Protocol.

This model is in a dynamic pose and give the artist the chance to have have fun painting flames and capes. This is one of those models that can becomes a very dynamic models that pops on the table, especially if you contrasts the dark body with bright flames.

When I researched the colors that I wanted to use on the miniature I decided I would base the costume around the Icon scheme in Thor #150, her first appearance.

thor 150
Thor #150

To contrast the dark greens and black I decided I would paint vibrant flames. I wanted to do a traditional flame technique were the bright colors are in the recess and the darker colors are in the raised areas.

marvel crisis Hela comic stylemarvel crisis Hela comic style


marvel crisis Hela comic style

marvel crisis Hela comic style

marvel crisis Hela comic style

marvel crisis Hela comic style
Can anyone tell me what the holes/divots/red parts on this base are. I have never seen anything like them in my city.


Building tips:

I built the figure completely but left her off the base. This was so I could reach the bottom of the cape. Alternately you could leave the head and cap portion off the model and paint them separate.

Comic style Hela build

Color Guide Purpose:

To give painters a lists of paints that can be used to achieve a specific look on their miniatures.  The actual techniques I use can me modified based on the painters skill and desired effect. The hope is to save hobbyist time by providing examples of paint combinations they can use, eliminating the trial and error of finding the correct colors.

Color Guide:

  1. Prime
    1. Vallejo Black Surface Primer
  2. Flame
    1. Base
      1. Tausept Ocher X2
    2. Layer
      1. Phallanx Yellow X4
    3. HL
      1. Moot Green
    4. HL
      1. Warpstone Glow
  3. Body – Dark areas
    1. Base
      1. Incubi Darkness X2
    2. HL
      1. Kabalite Green
  4. Body – Stripes
    1. Base
      1. Waagh Flesh
    2. HL
      1. Olive Green – Vallejo
  5. Cape
    1. Base
      1. Warpstone Glow X3
    2. Low Light
      1. Caliban Green
    3. HL
      1. Warboss Green
  6. Horns and Black
    1. Base
      1. Abaddon Black
    2. HL
      1. German Grey- Vallejo
    3. HL
      1. Shadow Grey
  7. Face
    1. Base
      1. Rakarth Flesh
    2. HL
      1. Pallid Wych Flesh
  8.  Concrete
    1. Base
      1. Dawnstone x3
    2. HL
      1. Astonomican Grey
  9. Ink
    1. Daler Rowney Black


Thanks for reading, Y’all be good.

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