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Color Guide: Comic Style Anti Vision

This Color Guide is for Anti Vision Comic Style for Marvel Crisis Protocol.


I was very torn on what costume to go with for vision. I love his classic red and Green. I also have a special place in my heart for his “cream” suit, mostly because of all the hours I played The Avengers on Sega Genesis when I was a kid. However after hours of poring over photos I decided that I liked Anti Vision costume the most. To be honest I did not do my full research and did not fully understand that this costume was the Anti Vision version of Vision as seen in Avengers 359 v1:

anti vision

It was not until I started writing this post that I discovered my error. However it is still my opinion this is the cleanest version of all the Visions costumes. I guess at some point I may go back and paint the classic cream colored vision.

Even though this version of vision is not the true one you can still use the color guide to paint the several of the other classic red and green versions.

Here are a few links about Anti Vision:

anti vision Marvel crisis

anti vision Marvel crisis

anti vision Marvel crisis

anti vision Marvel crisis

anti vision Marvel crisis

anti vision Marvel crisis



Building tips: I built and painted vision with his cape off. I would highly suggest doing that for several reasons. The first is that is cape is in a position were the inside is very visible when looking at the model, but it is at an angle that makes reaching it a bit difficult. The second is that it fits on very easily after everything has been painted. By that I mean that sometimes I build a model fully even though it will be hard to paint just based on the fact that post paint assembly could be difficult, such as needing filler or the possibility of glue leakage. With this model that was not an issue.

Color Guide Purpose: To give painters a lists of paints that can be used to achieve a specific look on their miniatures.  The actual techniques I use can me modified based on the painters skill and desired effect. The hope is to save hobbyist time by providing examples of paint combinations they can use, eliminating the trial and error of finding the correct colors.

Color Guide:

  1. Prime
    1. Vallejo Black Surface Primer
      1. Green
        1. Base
          1. Waagh! Flesh x2
        2. HL
          1. Warboss Green
        3. HL
          1. Moot Green
      2. Yellow
        1. Base
          1. Averland Sunset x2
        2. Layer
          1. Yriel Yellow x2
        3. HL
          1. Phalanx Yellow
        4. HL/spot
          1. Dorn Yellow
      3. Red
        1. Base
          1. Khorne Red x2
        2. HL
          1. Mephiston Red
        3. HL
          1. Evil Sunz Scarlet
      4. Rock Wall
        1. Base
          1. mechanicus Grey x2
        2. HL
          1. Dawnstone
        3. HL
          1. Astronomical Grey
      5. Grey Base
        1.  Base
          1. Dawnstone x2
        2.  HL/Edge
          1. Astonomicon Grey
      6. Ink
        1. Black
          1. Daler Rowney
      7. Black ring on base
        1. Abaddon Black x2

Thanks for reading, Y’all be good.


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