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Color Guide: Comic Style Wolverine

In this color guide I will show you the colors I used to paint Wolverine, “comic style” from the Marvel Crisis Protocol model range.

This was my first attempt at doing a comic style model and I learned many things trying out the techniques.

Here are a few of my tips on painting comic style:

  • You do not have to be perfectly in the lines all the time. If you get a little paint on the edges of other colors that is fine, the black liner ink will cover them up. Don’t stress on touch up unless it is really out of place.
  • Try to use bright colors that pop. The black lining will give you some nice contrast to the bright colors. You want the colors to be vibrant and
  • You should not blend the highlights, this is honestly the hardest part for me. I tend to like seamless transitions between colors, however in this style it looks better to have very crisp lines between the highlight colors.



wolverne comic book style marvel crisis protocol

wolverne comic book style marvel crisis protocol

wolverne comic book style marvel crisis protocol

wolverne comic book style marvel crisis protocol



color guide:

  1. Prime
    1. Vallejo Black Surface Primer
  2. Yellow
    1. Base
      1. Averland Sunset x2
    2. HL
      1. Yriel Yellow X2
    3. HL/Spot
      1. Yriel/white 1/2
  3. Blue
    1. Base
      1. Altdorf Guard
    2. HL
      1. Calgar Blue
    3. HL
      1. Deep Sky Blue Vallejo
  4. Skin
    1. Base
      1. Bugmans Glow
    2. HL
      1. Kislev Flesh
    3. HL
      1. Kislev Flesh/White 1/1
  5. Belt
    1. Base
      1. Mephisiton Red
    2. HL
      1. Wazdakka Red
    3. HL
      1. Wild Rider Red
  6. Grey Base
    1. Base
      1. Dawnstone x2
    2. HL/Edge
      1. Astonomicon Grey
  7. Black Ink Lines
    1. Daler Rowney Black Ink

Color Guide Purpose: To give painters a lists of paints that can be used to achieve a specific look on their miniatures.  The actual techniques I use can me modified based on the painters skill and desired effect. The hope is to save hobbyist time by providing examples of paint combinations they can use, eliminating the trial and error of finding the correct colors.


Thanks for reading, y’all be good.

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