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2020 Tzeentch Army Completed.

Howdy y’all The JTJ here with a hobby update.

I finally managed to complete my Age of Sigmar Tzeentch army. “is any army really ever complete?” I had planned to have this finished a few months ago, but being quarantined I kept just putting if off, procrastination set in. I am happy how it turned out. The horrors could use a few more layers to make them pop, however the heroes are nicely done.

the total fully painted model count is:

  • 1 Display board with lights.
  • 1 Lord of Change
  • 1 The Changeling
  • 1 Magister
  • 1 Changecaster
  • 1 Balewind votex
  • 2 Tzeentch Spawns
  • 2 Exalted Flamers
  • 9 Screamers
  • 18 Flamers of Tzeentch
  • 50 Pink Horrors
  • 70 Blue Horrors
  • 70 Brimstone Horrors

About 4100 points


Little overview video:



Click on the images to enlarge:


I have a few more models builtĀ  and primed. Once the tournament scene starts back up in full swing I have a few more builds that I would like to try out.


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Would love to here any feedback or comments. Thanks for reading


Y’all be good.


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