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6-13-20 Tournament Recap and Site Update

Howdy y’all JTJ here with a local Tournament recap and some info on the graphics.



Was able to make it to a local AOS tournament for the first time in several months. It was nice to get out of the house and see many of the regulars in the community. I am running the same old Changehost list I have been playing with on table top sim for the last few months. It preformed about how I expected. I was able to finally  get all the models painted for the list, “except for all the summoning ones”. And I have almost completed the display board. So if Hammer Fest happens later this year I will be all set….fingers crossed the GHB does not come out and kill my list.


The List:

Battalion: Changehost [2000pts]

  • The Eternal Conflagration
  • Magister

    Artifact: Shroud of WarpflameMagic: Arcane Suggestion, Blot of Change

  • Lord of Change

    Artifact: Gryph-feather CharmCommand Abilities: Beacon of SorceryCommand Trait: Coruscating Flames, ChangeSpell: Arcane Bolt, Bolt of Tzeentch, Infernal Gateway, Mystic Shield,

  • The Changeling

    Magic: treason of Tzeentch

  • Flamers of Tzeentch  x6
  • Flamers of Tzeentch  x6
  • Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch
  • Pink Horros x10
  • Pink Horrors x10
  • Blue Horrors x10
  • Blue Horrors x10


  • Endless Spell: Balewind Vortex

aos tzeentch army

Thoughts on the list

This list has good versatility, Blue horrors screen, Pink horrors tarpit. The flamers deal the damage. The Changeling and Magister debuff enemy units. Lord of Change is used as an above average caster to control that phase and send out some mortal wounds. He also gives out his -1 to hit bubble. In addition he allows 1 unit to deep strike per turn. He is the primary engine that makes the list go, so I feel it is important to give him the Gryph Feather Charm to make him -2 to hit in CC and shooting. This list can move shoot and can threaten any portion of the board at any time. It can handle both elite and hoard armies. Destiny Dice help to plan out the turns and control the board.

Some of the drawbacks are: The bubbles, you need to keep all your units in -1 to hit bubbles to have any hope of staying alive. I need magic to summon, and that can be hit or miss at times. The Leaders are mostly soft. The only Hero that can handle being in combat is the Lord of Change and even then he is just staying alive based off his -2 to hit. I have also found hard counter to his list is bastiladon spam. Places of Arcane Power is the mission that gives this lists trouble. “guess what the first mission of the day is!”

Tournament Scoring

Best General
Best Painted
Best Sports

Battleplan points:
Major Victory = 10, Minor Victory = 7, Draw = 5, Minor Loss = 3, Major Loss = 0
Secondary= 5 HIDDEN AGENDAS (GH19: PG 20-21)
Tertiary= 2

Game 1

Mission: Places of Arcane Power (2019) Tertiary: Have a hero gain control of an objective by killing an enemy hero that was controlling it.

My Hidden agenda was Slay. I felt his Stonehorn would be in the middle of the action at some point and I would have a good opportunity to take him out.

I was going up against Gavin Grigar.

His Mawtride list:

Gavin is a well known player in the Texas circuit. He has won many local tournaments and was also part of the team that won the double at the 2019 Texas Masters. He is always a competent player and will maximizes any list he brings.

This mission is hard for my list to deal with. I really do not want my Heroes in the front line. To make matter worse he was running Mawtribes with 4 beefy Leaders. This was going to be an uphill battle.


I deployed in 2 drops to give me the option of going first. I massed my forces in the center around my LOC.  I did not think I could spread and try to hold all three points. I had planned to focus on holding the center and right point. I was going to have to use the Changelings Puckish Misdirection ability to get on the R point.

Gavin deployed with a heavy focus to the center left. He had a good spread of forces and would be able to threaten all the points early. He placed his Stonehorn in the center right to deal with the center or Right OBJ.

Turn 1

I let Gavin have the first turn. I knew he was fast enough to get on all the points, but there was no reason for me to go first. At best I could only take one point and then I would be in position to just get rolled. And there was no way I could live through a double turn. He would probably clean me off the table if he got the double.

His turn was quick, he moved up and took the center and L points. He shot at my flamers, but had some bad rolls and only killed a few. It was a fast turn.

Moving up to take the center:


I teleported a unit of Pinks onto the R OBJ, I also planned to bring up the Changeling on that OBJ to try and get me some sort of points. The only issue was that he could not get to the point without fully exposing himself to a charge. I played it safe and just had him in position for turn 2. I was able to cast a few spells, and get the Balewind up. In the shooting phase I killed his Tyrant in the center and put a few wounds on other models around the board. Nothing spectacular, but I was in a good position.

Tzeentch is moving into position:

Turn 2

Gavin won the roll. He shuffled everything around and stayed away from my mob in the center. All his cannons moved up and his Stonehorn was in short charge range to my unit up Pinks on the right. Most of his shooting was ineffective again, only killing a few models, “thank you -1 to hit”. He charged my Blue screen in the center with a few cannons. He charged in his 3 man unit of Gluttons at the Pinks on the right. However his StoneHorn failed the charge. With all my -1 to hit I fared ok in the CC phase. However he was still in control of o points and me none.

On my turn I teleported a unit of Pinks to charge his Stonehorn. I need to tie him up for another round. I moved my LOC up to get into range to take the center. I was able to charge The Changeling onto the R OBJ and he actually killed an Oger in Close Combat! He took the OBJ and I ended the round with a total of 2.

The score at the end of turn 2 was 4 to 2.

At the end of 2, battles all over the board:

Turn 3

I won the roll and took the turn. We were running short on time so we did a talk through to asses the game. There was no way for me to take out his Hero on the L point this turn. And I was going to use all my resources to kill his Stonehorn to complete my secondary objective. We rolled it out and I managed to take out his Frostloard and completed my secondary. He completed his secondary of ancient heirlooms. At the end of 3 the best I could have scored was 4 and he was going to score 3. So the total score at the end of 3 was going to be 7 to 6. I needed another round to even have a chance and that would be with both my heroes staying alive.

Neather player completed the Tertiary objective.

So close, to a win, at least I killed the Frostlord:


The game was closer than I thought it was going to be. This is a hard mission for my list and his army has beefy heroes.

I think going second is the correct answer 80% of the time. My list cannot afford to get doubled and if I am able to get the double into 2, my flamers have the range and power to take out key units.

Great game with a skillful opponent, very enjoyable.


Game 2

Mission 2: Total Commitment (2019) Tertiary: have more of your army’s starting units in enemy territory than in your own.

My secondary Objective was center ground. I always look to take this secret objective at every tournament. Many missions have 2 or more points equal distance from the center, it gives you a good bit of flexibility in achieving it

I was match against James Germany.

His list:


  • Butcher
    • Cleaver, Greasy deluge, Flesh crave Curse
  • Tyrant
  • Gluttons X12
  • Gluttons x12
  • Ironguts x8
  • Ironguts x4
  • Leadblechers x2
  • Battalion: Goremand


His list was full of large hard hinting units. I needed to make sure I screened as best I could, because most of his units could melt anything I had. He did not have any teleportation or movement shenanigans, so this was going to be a straight up fight.



I placed the majority of my forces in the center of the board, keeping everything there in the LOC -1 bubble. I did deploy a unit of Blues and the Changeling to the R OBJ to make sure I took that point.

James placed his units evenly across the board, he would be in position to threaten all the OBJs.

Lost of Big bodies on his side:

Turn 1

I gave him first turn and he moved everything up the board. It was a very fast turn and he ended the turn scoring 3.

During my turn 1 I was able to cast 8 spells! I did not teleport any units. I just moved up and focused the majority of my attacks on his Ironguts that he moved up on my L. One of the most importantn things that happened was being able to cast Arcane Suggestion on his Ironguts and giving them the -1 to hit and wound.

score was 2 to 2

My screen is set, but how long will it hold?

Turn 2

He won the roll and moved up his units into charge range in the center and left. On the right he ran his big block of Gluttons. Because of my negative to hits from the Arcane Suggestion and the Hero bubbles he was not able to take out any units. My screen had held through his turn.

On my turn I was able to cast another good amount of spells. I turned one of his Gluttons into a spawn and also used Arcane Suggestion to give them -1 hit and wound. I sent a unit of Pinks into his backfield to threaten his point. I moved my R unit of blues up to screen the R OBJ. At the end of movement I summoned in an Exalted Flamer. In shooting I cleaned out most of his Gluttons from the center and all but 1 Irongut. I also took out his butcher that was supporting the center. On his objective I auto charged the 10 man unit of Pinks into his leadbealchers. I was able to take the point from him. I was hopping that battle shock would remove a few more models. However luck was on James side and he did not lose much to shock. A good solid turn for me and I still had a bit of a screen remaining to protect me for another turn.

end of 2 score was James 4, JTJ 7

Dead bodies pilling up:

Turn 3

James was able to take out my unit of Blues on the right and take the point.  He pulled his units out of combat in the center and positioned himself to hold the objectives around the board. He scored 4.

In my turn I finished off all the center units only leaving him the large unit of Gluttons on the R with there supported hero. The 4 Iron guts on the L were still holding that point. I scored 4.



Sneaky Pinks attacking from the back:

Turn 4

We talked it out and decided that he was not going to be able to win, based on the time remaining. I was able to complete My secondary “Center ground”. He did not complete his hidden agenda to hold more objectives than me. We both completed the tertiary.

Holding down the point:


This was a good mission for my list and it helped that James did not bring a bunch of shooting. Having a good screen and not getting doubled against Mawtribes is important. Ogers hit sooo hard and they are more survivable than you think. I made a few small mistakes during the game, but all in all happy with my performance.


Game 3

Mission 3: Border War (Core). Tertiary: have a battleline unit destroy (inflict last wound) on an enemy battleline unit.

My secondary was Retake.

My opponent for this game was Chris C. I had played him once late last year and he rolled over my Masters Skaven list. So it was nice to get an opportunity to try and even the score.

His list:

It was a very balance Khorn list that had a few tricks and the potential to hit hard. This was the first time in the tournament that I would have to worry about units deepstriking behind my lines. So I needed to keep a nice bubblewrap. All in all he had several things in his list that worried me, the Skulls be the #1. Also the Chaos Warriors would be a strong anchor that would need to be dealt with. His lords on Manticore and Karkadrak both hit hard and move faster than you think.


I deployed center of the board and kept everything in my negative to hit bubble. Chris spread his forces evenly across the board to. This was the first game that I strongly debated on going first. I really wanted to get my units of Pinks onto the center points and hold them. I felt confident I could hold them for turn one turn, giving me a solid lead. However my units would be unsupported and if he got the double those units would be gone, along with my hope to take the points back in later turns. After much debate I gave him first turn and just hoped I could retake the points in my turn. Also I needed him to take a point so I could retake it and score my secondary.

Turn 1

Chris was able to get a few prayers off. He moved his hounds and bloodletters up to take the points, everything else mostly just shuffled around to protect his assets from my deep striking. It was a fast turn and he scored 5.

Deamons of Khorn have captured the points:

My turn I was out of range for most of my offensive casting, but was able to get a few spells off to give me summoning points. I teleported a unit of pinks within striking range of the R point. I moved up the other unit of Pinks on the L to be in long charge range of his Hounds. I had enough destiny dice to guarantee both charges. In shooting I took out about 1/3 of his Warriors of Chaos. However he made plenty of saves and I was a bit off with my rolls. I did not do to much damage this turn, but was able to take both points with shear number of bodies. I scored 5.

Deamons of Tzeentch have now taken the points:

Turn 2

I won the roll and took the turn. I was in an ok but not great position for my shooting. I was able to get a few spells off and during movement I summoned a unit of Blues to screen my center Objective and heroes. In shooting I did ok, taking out his hounds and most of the Warrors of Chaos. However I did not manage to do much damage to his Bloodletters. I scored 5.

End of my turn 2, patiently awaiting the charges that were sure to come:

In Chris’s turn. He was able to buff some units with his prayers and moved his units into charge position. He moved his Blood letters out to make room for his bloodcrushers who were about to charge into my unit of Pinks on the R. His bloodcrushers did a large amount of mortal wounds on the charge. and then several more during combat, however even after loosing 15 more models to battleshock I still held the point. However his Chaos Lords in the center Took out my unit of blues and I had made a mistake and put my flamers a bit to close they got caught in the combat and a whole unit was taken out along with the Exalted Flamer. I was in a bad spot and needed to take the turn roll or the game may be over.

At the end of 2 total score was Chris 6 and me 10

During the game both our deamon units rolled natural 1s on the battleshock, so we both got to bring back D6 models. However we both forgot that the Horns in the units should have forced us to RR those 1s:



Turn 3

I won the roll. His skulls were still on the board so I was cautious with my casting. Between shooting and casting I did take out his Shrine and Lord on Manticore. His Lord or Karkadrak was down to only a few wounds. I was leading in points but it felt like I was in an exposed position. I did score another 5 points.

After my turn was over we talked it out and it was decided based on time and points that Chris would not have a chance to come back. We ended the game. I was able to complete my secondary and the tertiary.

Flamers a bit to close to the front line:

Red vs Blue:


This game felt a lot closer that the final score. Chris’s list had a good bit of tools in the box to use and I had to account for them. Chris was a great opponent and I think this is the 3rd time I have seen him win best sport. It was a very enjoyable game against a nicely painted army.

Tournament Thoughts

It was good to get out of the house and play some real games. Tabletop simulator is fine but being able to go out and see friends and meet new people is the real reason I play the game.

As always Andrew ran a smooth tournament. Everything started on time and I was not aware of any large issues. So a big hat off to him and Atomic for hosting another fine Tournament.

Tournament placings:



I came in 4th which is fine. I did win best painted which was awesome, because I have never gotten to bring a fully painted army to any Atomic tournament. My big question is will these be added to the Texas Masters? Will we have a Masters this year? It appear that WargamesCon in Austen is going to be canceled, but no official word on that yet. If that happens that will leave just Hammerfest and Slambo. So as it stand more than half way through the year, I still feel like the season is in limbo. Site update

I will admit that I am a bit behind schedule with the site art. It seems with all this extra time at home I am finding that other task just take up my day, “SQUIRREL!”, But the logo is very close I just have a few minor tweaks to complete and then it is on to building the banners and just uploading everything for the site/youtube/twitch/facebook.

Here is a peak of the new logo:

rolltowound logo beta


After the logo and banner art is complete for the site and all the other media platforms that are linked. I need to start on a Youtube intro. I want something simple and clean, hope to have that done by the end of the year.


That’s all I got for today, Y’all be good.

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