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Hobby Update: Umbral Spellportal

Completed my the last miniature for my Warzone Houston list. I still have a good bit of work to do on the display board, but I have finally completed the 93 models in the list.

I wanted to do something a little different with the spell portal, there is just some much painting and converting potential with these models. My first idea was to have a hand reaching through one of the portals to represent the Hand of Dust spell. However I really did not have a skeletal hand laying around with the correct size, so I started looking at other options. I thought about making them real mirrors. I do not have the means or time to cut real mirror, however I did find some vinyl film of Amazon that I could cut and it would give a mirror effect, Link. Then as I was looking over the Warzone hobby points I realized I could get a Bonus painting point for a freehand painting. I thought the portal would be a great place to try it. after brain storming I decided that I would put a closeup of Nagash in one portal and the chrome film in the other. It would be like he is looking thought the portal has he hand of dusts your model.

To be honest I have done very little free hand painting on any of my miniatures. I have taken a few paiting classes so I understand some of the basic techniques, but I am not a master canvas painter by any measure. So I was a bit worried it would not come out very good. My backup plan was just just paint over it and put the chrome film on both and call it a day. After working out some sketches and getting the size right I ruffed in his head in pencil, then I refined the sketch with a micro maker. After getting it all laid down it just became color by number. I used many of the same techniques that I used when I painted the Nagash model. lots of glazes and layer to reach the desired color. I do not think it came out perfect, but I am happy with the final product. Especially it being my first real freehand.

umbral spellportal

umbral spellportal


umbral spellportal chrome

umbral spellportal

umbral spellportal free hand

umbral spellportal freehand

umbral spellportal free hand


Color Guide

  • Ghost Flames -I based the colors in the areas listed then used the shades to bled them together, It mostly took 2 coats to get a nice blend–
    • Steps
      •  Prime
        • white
      • Hexwraith flame on tips
      • Nihilake oxide on main part
      • Hexwraith flame on tips
        • make sure to blend these areas
      • Nihilak Oxide on main part
      • end of flame tips
        • Lamenters yellow
      • dry with Ulthuan grey to blen togeather
  • Gold
    • Base
      • Averland Sunset
    • Layer
      • Balthasar Gold
    • Wash
      • Nuln Oil
    • Layer
      • Balthasar gold
        • Only on “bright” areas
    • Spot
      • Auric Armour Gold


Learn more about the Umbral Spellportal here: Link

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